Emma Vardanyan

Chief Victims Advocate

Chief Victims Advocate Emma Vardanyan

Identifies which defendants (students) do not demonstrate proficiency on state standards by continuously assessing and monitoring students groups and written sessions.

Operations Manager for Soft Echoes.



Domestic Violence Advocate

Laura's House Ca EC107.1 (2020)

Parenting Program Program Provider Certification
Parenting Program Program Provider Certification

Experience / Certificates

Court Ordered Classes COP-i

Chief Victims Advocate 2010-Present

Other Duties at Company

- Substance Abuse Monitoring

- Threatening Behavior Screening

- Violation Regulation


Court Ordered Classes Provider

Additional Qualifications

- Mastery in monitoring defendants (students) via corporate supervisory software.

- Admirable dedication for compliance to victims services and State batterer intervention laws.

- Superb Communication skills.

- Reporting Timely Paperwork Coordinator.

- Dedicated team player.

- Outstanding representative of the Corporation.



More Info

Program Referral
May 24, 2015

Court Ordered Classes Referral to monitor those registrants that have been assigned to officials from enrollment to completion of the program.

Program Development
April 3, 2014

Exceptional and technologically advanced programs that they have implemented in their “Advanced Learning System - Live WebCasted Groups” school Court Ordered Classes.

National Anger Management Association
May 24, 2017

Fellowship Granted having met professional standards and qualifications of N.A.M.A.

California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals
August 30, 2016

CCAPP "Program of Distinction" awarded 2017, 2018 and 2019