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Court and Educational Assessments Provided

An assessment provides an opportunity to speak one-on-one with a licensed specialist who will evaluate the nature of any problems a client is having. The assessment gets the client involved through discussion of biological, psychological, and social factors affecting the subject discussed. The counselor can then make recommendations for further treatment, if necessary and appropriate. PROVIDED IN EVERY STATE. Court Ordered Programs, Inc. is a accepted court assessment provider with multiple Brick & Mortar Programs accross the Nation. A Certified and Accredited Program with Live, In-Person Classroom Style, Video Group Sessions. We are currently in our 15th year with now over 10,750 probationers/parolees in our database, 9100 of which who have successfully completed and satisfied their court orders through our program.
Anger Management Assessments

Since May 2013 Refined June 2019

Domestic Violence Assessments

Since May 2013 Refined June 2019

Batterers Intervention (BIP) Assessments

Since May 2013 Refined June 2019

Drug Abuse Assessments

Since May 2013 Refined June 2019

Alcohol Assessments

Since May 2013 Refined June 2019

The managing staff at Court Ordered Programs has developed exceptional and technologically advanced programs and “Advanced Learning System - Live WebCasted Classroom Groups” that they have implemented in their school side campus CourtOrderedClasses.

-California State Senate


These “live webcasted group meetings” adhere to and surpass all State standards and laws regarding Domestic Violence, Batterers Intervention, Anger Management, Child Endagerment / Abuse, Parenting, Drug & Alcohol Programs and Court Ordered Classes has since been put to use by many Children's, Family, Drug and Criminal Courts throughout the Nation. We encourage you to take a closer look and explore our many programs and initiatives as a resource to you in your intervention and prevention efforts.

Notice to defendants: Currently there many standards for domestic violence, batterers intervention and deferred entry of judgment program requirements; it is your responsibility to confirm with the judge, probation, or your attorney as to whether a distance-learning or "At-Home" court ordered program will meet your requirements. See if your Domestic Violence Program or Batterers' Intervention Program requires your judges consent under special circumstance.

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Domestic Violence Victims Groups

Free WebCasted Victims Support Groups for Women Only