O Nardos

National Program Director

Program Director O. Nardos

Our National Program Director applies his expertise and knowledge to assure that all the Programs provided by Court Ordered Programs Inc. is in compliance with all applicable program accreditation and approval standards.




Certificate of Recognition by State Assembly

Outstanding Contribution in Minority Small Group Participation


Certificate of Recognition California Senate

Outstanding Alternatives in Self-Help and Recovery Exchange


Award - Emotional Health Association

Support Group Participation by Minority Communities


Commendation Los Angeles County

Dedicated Service to the Affairs of the Community


American Society of Addiction Medicine

California Institute for Behavioral Health Solutions


Drug-Free-World Education

Specialist Certification


Curriculum Vitae

Court Ordered Classes COP-i

National Program Director 2007-Present


Court Ordered Classes Provider

Absolute Control Transitional Counseling Center

Program Director / Counselor 2004-Present


Yerevan State University

1988-1993 Lingustics


Glendale Community College


BA Linguistics for ArmenianLanguage and Literature

BA Culture for Middle Eastern Countries

AA Psychology

GCC Certificate in Drug and Alcohol Treatment

First Aid


Additional Qualifications

- Fluent English, Armenian, Russian, German & Arabic in writing and reading.

- Dedicated team player with outstanding ability to develop relationships with various personalities.

- Experienced Substance Abuse Counselor.

- Group and Individual Therapy facilitator.

- Educational Outreach.

- Healthy Parenting Educator.

- Psychological Evaluations.

- Outstanding ability to talk to people and lead them in the right direction.

- Communication skills.



More Info

Program Referral
May 24, 2015

Court Ordered Classes Referral to monitor those registrants that have been assigned to officials from enrollment to completion of the program.

Program Development
April 3, 2014

Exceptional and technologically advanced programs that they have implemented in their “Advanced Learning System - Live WebCasted Groups” school Court Ordered Classes.

National Anger Management Association
May 24, 2017

Fellowship Granted having met professional standards and qualifications of N.A.M.A.

California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals
August 30, 2016

CCAPP "Program of Distinction" awarded 2017, 2018 and 2019